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7 Essential Steps To
Your Mental & Physical Health
The Primal Life Method is a tried & tested science-backed holistic health & wellness programme to change your life and help you become the person you were born to be.
Is This You?
  • Energy: Do you always feel tired throughout the day?
  • Stress: Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders?
  • Depression: Do you feel overwhelmed with sadness?
  • Sleep: Do you often have trouble sleeping or waking up? 
  • Mind: Do you ever have 'brain fog' or have trouble concentrating?
  • Anxiety: Do you overthink and have too many negative thoughts?
  • Weight: Do you struggle with your weight but don't know why?
  •   Imagine when you next feel negative or angry having the tools to switch back instantly.
  •   Imagine if feeling grateful, confident and full of joy was just second nature to you.
  •   Imagine having an abundance of energy which lasts throughout the whole day.
7 years ago I was morbidly obese, suffered from extreme anxiety and depression, and was on a self-destructing path.

But then something incredible happened... I hit rock-bottom. 

Well, actually I hit something which I now refer to as threshold.
What I decided led me on a whirlwind of personal growth and changed my life forever!
I read over 300 books ranging from Neuroscience, Biology, Nutrition, Fitness, Psychology, Philosophy, Self Development, Anthropology and more!

I trained and qualified in a mixture of different therapies, including:
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Solution Focused Psychotherapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Emotional Freedom Techniques

I travelled to Poland and spent time with the Iceman Wim Hof to learn how to endure sub-zero temperatures. 

I’ve even spent over a year living in a Buddhist centre to explore my spirituality and the power of meditation.

Doing these things didn’t just make me feel better, it made me feel super-human

I transformed my mind and body.

Primal Life is the outcome from all of this. 

Taking the best of everything I've learnt, I have created a science-backed 7 step process which has not only changed my life but also changed the lives of countless others.
The Primal Life Method is an effective 7 step course to dramatically change your biochemistry and become the person you were born to be.
This isn’t something I have just made up on the spot….

Believe me, I’d love to take all the credit.

This is the result of spending years studying a mixture of different therapies and techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Cold Exposure, Neuroscience, Anthropological Data, Nutrition and Fitness Plans, and even Buddhism.

All of these things required very different approaches but after doing this extensive research it was impossible not to notice there were patterns which linked them. 

The Primal Life Method is just that, a course which brings together the very best tools available to bring out the best in you. 

"An Incredible Mixture Of Anthropology, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Fitness, Nutrition and Biohacking... All Helping To Understand What It Means To Be A Healthy Human In The 21st Century"
But that’s not the only reason why it’s so effective.

Because we are looking at scientifically proven methods you don’t even need to believe in this for it to work, you just have to do it.

Just think what happens when we drink alcohol... We change our biochemistry!

It doesn’t matter who we are, what we’re thinking or how we’re feeling, if any of us have too much to drink we’re going to feel different, whether we believe it or not. Some people feel more confident for a short amount of time, some people can’t stand up, some people get really upset. Either way, we feel different, we act different, and of course we think differently.

The Primal Life Method focuses on 7 core principles and getting each one of these to balance with each other. We can never be at our mental or physical peak unless we're sober... biochemically sober.
Here's A Taster Of What's Inside The Course...
What Primal Life Members Are Saying...
Jackie lacked confidence, had no social life and hated her job. She had little motivation for anything and the only way she could make it through the day was by drinking copious amounts of energy drink. After following the Primal Life Method she was finally able to feel great about herself, love her work and was promoted onto the management scheme. She ditched the energy drinks as she no longer felt fatigued during the day AND found a fantastic friendship group! She says this is the best she’s felt in over 20 years! 
Every morning Peter experienced panic attacks, waking up in a cold sweat and in constant fear that there was something wrong with his looks. His extreme anxiety and borderline personality disorder was destroying his life. Just a few months of following the Primal Life Method Peter felt the best he had in years. His panic attacks stopped, the worry about his appearance had gone, and he now wakes up every morning feeling fresh. 
You will have LIFETIME access to the private member only area of the 7 Steps Primal Life Programme with 60+ lessons PLUS training in...
  •  Meditation (£289 Value)
  •  Cold Exposure (£149 Value)
  •  Power Breathwork (£90 Value)
  •  Solution Focused Therapy (£215 Value)
  •  Intro to Neuroscience based Therapy (£145 Value)
  •  Most effective principles of CBT and NLP (£149 Value) 
1-2-1 Consultation with Me!
(£179 value)

Give yourself the best chances of success with a kick-ass 30 minute call with me to better understand where you are and where you want to be. I'll ensure you not only get there but stay there.
7 Steps Book, Workbook & Journal!
(£32 value)

I will ship you my book 'Becoming Biochemically Sober', official course workbook, and writing journal so you're able to effectively take notes, track your progress and make the most out of the program.
Relaxation CD!
(£9 value)

It may sound wishy-washy at first, but this CD has helped my clients overcome their insomnia and get the best sleep of their lives.
So, this is what you're going to get...
  •  Meditation (£289 Value)
  •  Cold Exposure (£149 Value)
  •  Power Breathwork (£90 Value)
  •  Solution Focused Therapy (£215 Value)
  •  Intro to Neuroscience based Therapy (£145 Value)
  •  Most effective principles of CBT and NLP (£149 Value) 
  • Bonus #1: 1-2-1 Consultation with Lester Savage (£179 Value)
  • Bonus #2: 7 Steps Book, Course Workbook & Journal (£32 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Relaxation CD (£9 Value) 
A Total Value of £1,257
Now, don't worry! This isn't the course price

However, if it was and all this course did for you was:

Take your mood from a 5/10 to a 8/10 for the rest of your life...


Allow you to give more value to those around you...

Would it be worth it?

One 60 year old woman who took the Primal Life Method told me this...
"I have not felt this Energetic or Elated since my 20's. I feel jet-fuelled!"
So tell me…even if this didn’t change your life, but it gave you more energy, happiness and clarity throughout the day… would £1,257 be worth it? 

One of the best things about becoming a better you is that we have more value to offer. The moment we feel more valuable, that’s the moment we have real value to give, isn’t it?

So think about it…

If all this did was to make you a better person for your partner,
If all this did was make you a better parent for your child,

Would it be worth it?

You Can See Why People Love The Primal Life Method.

You Can See Why It's A Good Deal At £1,257...

Well, here it is.... 

The actual price for lifetime membership to the Primal Life Method which will allow you to start transforming yourself into the person you were born to be.
Something I do want to stress is that this is not an overnight success product

No-one got fat from eating one pizza, no-one got thin from eating one salad.

This program I’ve made for you is a minimum of 12 weeks long. The reason it’s 12 weeks is because that’s how long it takes to make a habit, and my mission as your coach isn’t just to get you where you want to be... It’s to keep you there. And that is where the value of this program really takes off.

To make sure that this product is genuinely going to serve you, I’m offering a 30 day money back guarantee. Your money back for any reason. This gives you a whole month to test this plan and take full advantage of all the sections in the course, to cement that this is the right path for you.

Have you ever watched the movie Limitless?
The one where Bradley Cooper plays a guy stuck at rock-bottom, struggling with his relationships, his career, his physical health, keeping his apartment clean… but then he comes across a pill, which once taken activates every part of the brain and everything changes for him. He now finds the energy to get stuff done with ease, his confidence increases, he has more clarity in every moment and he starts to take advantage of the abundance of opportunities around him. 

I’m sure we’d all love a pill that gives us those effects. And sadly life isn’t as easy as that. But when people take this program extraordinary things happen.

It gives me so much fulfilment every single day because I’m constantly being told by people who use the method how limitless they feel, that they’re high on life, some people have literally told me that they feel that they’ve taken some sort of drug!

With The Primal Life Method, we’re no longer at the mercy of evolutionary mismatches. By getting in touch with our inner nature we tap into the legacy of our evolution which is happiness, strength and health.
Grab Your Lifetime Course Access Now For Only £297
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!
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